Studying God's Word

Pick a Sunday school class and/or Wednesday Evening Bible class and join us in discovering God's Truths.

  • Sunday School


    Nursery: (Tara Thornton)

    Preschool-K: (Delia Keck)

    1st - 3rd Grade: (Betty Fox)

    4th - 5th Grade: (Joyce Kiefer)

    6th - 12th Grade: (Janelle Litwiller)

    Adult (Mike & Angie McClaid) "Pursuit of God"

    Adult (Pastor Kurt Litwiller) "Experiencing God"

    Senior Adult (Jim Bellman) 

  • Wednesday Evening


    Team Kids

    Youth Group: 6th-12 grades (Teacher: Pastor Brad)

    Bible Study (Teacher: Pastor Kurt)

    Men's Bible Study (Teacher: Jack Bennitt)

    Women's Bible Journaling (Teacher: Sandy Muffley)

    Women's Prayer Group